Inventor Invention Invented At
1) Gene Franz DSP chips Texas instruments
2) Eric Fossum Image sensors
3) Robert Dennard Computer memory IBM
4) Ron Popeil Housewares Ronco
5) Gary Michelson Spinal implants
6) Al Maurice Polymers Dow Chemical
7) Helen Greiner Robotics ChPhy
8) Glen Merfeld Batteries GE
9) Steve Gass Table saws Saw Stop
10) Karen Swider-Lyons Fuel  cells Naval Research Labs
11) Don Keck Fiber Optics Corning
12) Bob Loce Imaging systems Xerox
13) Lonnie Johnson Energy systems Johnson Research
14) Tim Leatherman Folding hand tools Leatherman Tools
15) Reyn Guyer Toys
16) Bernhard Van Lengerich Food processing General Mills
17) Curt Croley
Graham Marshall
Shane MacGregor
Mobile devices Motorola Solutions
18) Matthew Scholz Healthcare products 3M
19) Daria Mochey-Rosen Drugs Stanford School of  Medicine
20) Martin Keen Footwear Keen Footwear
21) Kevin Depperman Seed genome Monsanto
22) John Calvert
Elizabeth Dougherty
Asst. Com. of Patents USPTO
23) Steve Wozniak Personal computer Apple


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